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Bankruptcy and your child

04 Sep, 2009    (By: Harry Sloane)

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Bankruptcy - the word that instills fear into the hearts of people.

Historically, most people have not had to worry about a word like "bankruptcy" because, well, life seemed less about racking up debt and more about saving money.  It is a pity that in the world we live in today, it seems the playing field has changed.

Bankruptcy is no longer a word that is reserved exclusively for the (former) rich but has found its way, with alarming regularity, into discussions with people in all walks of life.  Even kids are having to face the problems associated with the inability to service debt.

In their eagerness to join the "social revolution" many of our young kids are desperate to own that universal symbol of acceptance - the mobile phone.  Unfortunately, these devices rarely come with big red flashing lights saying - "You have just signed a contract" and "Your every move is incurring a debt to a massive institution that will make sure you pay it - no matter what".

 - and even if mobile phones did come with such a warning, would anyone really listen?

Today, you can Tweet to your heart's content, film people doing all sorts of things and instantly uploading it to YouTube, keep up to date on Facebook, play games, listen to music, use your GPS for no reason other than you happen to have one, SMS while you drive and yes...even make a phone call or two if you feel the need.

Where has all of this come from?  And (potentially worse) where is it all going?

With access to so many features, and the amazingly complex works of art that are passed off as mobile phone plans, is it any wonder that children get themselves into trouble with their mobile phone bill?

There are now reported cases of children declaring bankruptcy.  It is unbelieveably sad.  Instead of finding out how wonderful the world can be, they are starting their journey into adulthood in some of the worst possible ways.  This has been happening now since 2007 ( and the instances of it continuing to occur are disturbing.

But what can we do?  Parents do need to take responsiblity for educating our kids, but there is only so much education a child will listen to before they have to learn some lessons the hard way.  So where do we go from here.

Sometimes it is important to help protect your children from themselves.  That is where software like Call Limiter from Anasoft Consulting comes in.  It will allow you to make sure you can manage your child's time on their phone.  Coupled with the other mobile phone applications being released, these give parents the chance to really start to win the war against the challenges of bankruptcy and allow our children to start their adult adventure in a positive way.

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