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60 Minutes Article - Do Cell Phones give you Cancer?

16 Sep, 2009

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In this article from 60 Minutes in Australia, they interview a man who is absolutely certain that cell phone radiation has given him cancer.  He is now counting the days until he dies from a brain tumour.

The brain surgeon they interview is alarmed at the marked increase in brain tumours and he is also confident that radiation from mobile phones is the main cause.

But can this be true?  There is a lot of time and money being invested in studies looking at this very subject and they have almost all been inconclusive.

But we say - "Why take the risk?"  This issue is too important to wait for the science.  Control your mobile phone exposure.  Manage your phone calls.  All those calls that hold you up for very little reason, are they really necessary?  Why not limit all you calls to a maximum of 5 minutes.  If you need more time, you can always call them back, but wouldn't it be better to talk to them later...on a landline or...maybe even face-to-face?

Call Limiter.  Everything has its Limits.

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