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Autohangup and Limit Cell Costs

For years the Telcos and Mobile Phone service providers have had mobile phones working hard for them to increase their revenue.  They have many different phone plan options and creative ways to "save money". 

If these really worked would the Telcos offer them?  And why does your mobile bill keep increasing each month?

It is time to take back control and have your mobile phone working for you.  Call Limiter really does save you money!

In a nutshell, Call Limiter will:

  • Automatically cut off your phone call after the time that you set!
  • Warn you before ending the call!
  • Let you cancel the autohangup!
  • Automatically redial the person you have called (if selected)!
  • Don't want to limit every call?  You can even limit only for the specific contacts you choose!



 There are three main reasons Call Limiter was developed:

1.       To Control Personal Costs
2.       To Manage Company Mobile Usage
.       To allow a concerned user to manage their call time for Health reasons

Autohangup to Control Personal Cost

Spending a lot of my time on the road and having 4 kids, I often found myself on the phone.  Our phone plan was 10 minutes talk time for free, no connection costs, but only between certain numbers.  We diligently watched the counter on the front of our phones to make sure we kept our calls free, but so often it would get to 9 minutes, and we’d be deep in discussion on a topic thinking, "we need to stop as soon as we finish this sentence”.  Unfortunately, when we next looked at the phone, it would often be at 11+ minutes.  Sometimes we’d only miss the cut off by a couple of seconds...which wasn’t too bad until our carrier started charging in 30 second increments!!

So Call Limiter was born.  It was a strange feeling at first as, during testing, all of a sudden, the call just dropped out.  That was when we realised that this software had already started saving us money.  The autohangup feature was working perfectly. 

That's right.  We were saving money on our mobile phone bill from day one!

We knew we were onto something and needed to share it with the wider community.

If this story sounds even remotely familiar - then Call Limiter is for you.  It will even redial the person you are talking to after the autohangup if you like.  It is just so easy! 

Autohangup to Manage Company Mobile Usage

If you have any kind of business either small or large, then you will know that all kinds of costs are associated with getting your telecommunications set up correctly, not to mention the ongoing costs and call charges.  No doubt you have spent a fair bit of time and effort on getting your systems set up so they work as cheaply and efficiently as possible. 

Isn’t it frustrating when your staff keep using their mobile phones! 

With Call Limiter you can start to drive better phone disciplines with your staff.  For example, limit everyone’s mobile calls to 5 mins.  Just enough time to get them to make contact, but reminds them to switch back to their desk phones.

If all your company mobile numbers are on the same bill, you can make sure they are all on the Call Limiter Contact list so you can get a great deal talking to other staff!  Perfect! 

Autohangup for Health Reasons

With all the hype around about the use of mobile phones, I guess its time to start to think about the 'what ifs'...

...what if you have a car accident while talking on your phone?

...what if you can get a brain tumor from keeping your phone to your ear?

...what if you do get cancer?

There are more and more stories like the following one and the world is starting to pay attention:

Click here for the 60 Minutes article

With the surveys, the studies and the laws being passed, perhaps it is time to at least start being careful?  Call Limiter can help you.  Why not set it down at 2-3 minutes and give yourself time to tell the caller your landline number?  Why not just tell your caller that you only have 2-3 minutes to talk?

It doesn't really matter which option you choose, the important thing is that you are minimising and managing your exposure to this, as yet unclear, device and its wireless radiation. 

 BUY Call Limiter NOW and enjoy all the benefits on your phone today!!

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